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Produktnr. 114SHSC
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Sky-Watcher Syn-Scan AZ GoTo

Med brukervennlig computerstyring med valgfritt over 42.000 objekt i minne. Velg ønsket objekt fra menyen i håndkontrollen og teleskopet finner selv frem på himmelen. Deretter følger de objektet videre


Objektivdiameter 114mm
Brennvidde 500mm (f/5)
Forstørrelse (med medfølgende okularer) x20,x50
Høyeste forstørrelse (praktisk): 228x
Søkekikkert 6x24
Barlowlinse -
Fokuser størrelse 1,25”
Diagonal -
Okular(er) som medfølger 1,25” (10mm og 25mm)
Piggyback-adapter -
Kameratilkobling -
Tilbehørsbrett ja
Motor/datastyrt ja
GoTo-funksjon ja
Strømkilde 12v DC eller 8 stl AAA batteri (Ikke inkl)
Tubetype -
Stativtype -rustfritt stål
Montering -SynScan AZ GOTO Azimuth HD
Høyde stativ -
Innebygget Polar justeringsholder -
Mål teleskop (dia. x lengde) -
Vekt stativ/montering -
Vekt teleskop -
Vekt totalt (inkl. emballasje) -





The exciting new Sky-Watcher SynScan™ Alt-Azimuth GoTo Mount is a precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find and enjoy viewing night sky treasures, such as Planets, Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies and much more. The SynScan™ AZ hand control allows you point your telescope at a specific object, or even tour the night sky at the touch of a button!! The user-friendly menu system allows automatic slewing to over 42,900+ objects. Even an inexperienced astronomer can master its variety of features in a few observing sessions.

Combined with telescope OTA’s of proven high quality, these Superb Packages are all you need to Explore the Universe to your Heart’s Content!!

Main Features:

  • SynScan™ Database: Total 42,900+ Objects, including Complete M, NGC, IC & SAO Catalogues
  • Alignment Method: Two-star or Brightest star alignment
  • Pointing Accuracy Enhancement (PAE) feature
  • Unknown Object Indentification feature
  • Pointing Accuracy up to 10 arc min
  • Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar
  • Slewing Speeds: 1.0x, 2.0x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 400x, 500x, 600x, 800x
  • Tracking Mode: Dual Axis Tracking
  • Quiet Operation
  • Motor Type & Resolution: DC Servo Motors. Resolution 0.8923 arc sec or 1,452,425 steps/rev
  • PC Compatible: can be used with popular Planetarium Software.
  • SynScan Handset Firmware upgradeable via the Internet
  • Power Requirement: 12v DC Power Supply (Tip Positive) or AA Batteries (not supplied)


This telescope with its superb Parabolic optics provides excellent all-round performance for both the observation of the Moon & Planets and Deep-Sky objects.

"The optics were so good…Captures star clusters and brighter nebulae beautifully under dark skies"
BBC Sky At Night Magazine


  • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x20 & x50
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x228
  • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 114mm
  • Telescope Focal Length: 500mm (f/5)
  • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm
  • Parabolic Primary Mirror
  • 0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports
  • 6x24 Finderscope
  • 1.25” Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • SynScan™ AZ GoTo Computerised Alt-Azimuth HD Go-To Mount
  • Power Requirement: 12v DC Power Supply (Tip Positive) or AA Batteries (not supplied)
  • Stainless Steel Tripod with Accessory Tray