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Ideal No Fuss, Grab-and-Go Telescope for Easy Visual Astronomy!!  With an extremely useful 130mm of light gathering aperture and a superb parabolic primary mirror, the EXPLORER-130PS is a highly capable all-rounder for the observation of the Moon, bright planets, nebulae, galaxies and star clusters. The elegant, well engineered and easy to use AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth mount provides excellent stability and precise control, via its slow motion cables, on both the horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (altitude) axes.

·         Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x26 & x65

·         Highest Practical Power (Potential): x260

·         Diameter of Primary Mirror: 130mm

·         30% more Light Gathering than 114mm

·         Telescope Focal Length: 650mm (f/5)

·         Eyepieces Supplied: 10mm & 25mm

·         Red Dot Finder

·         AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Mount & Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray

·         Mount Rotation Angle (Continuous): 360° (Azimuth), -50° to + 90° (Altitude)

·         Height Range of Tripod/Mount (excl. OTA): 86.5cm - 158.5cm

·         Total Overall Weight: 7.65kg