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Taking prime focus pictures of the planets can be somewhat disappointing. The images that you get are VERY tiny and have poor resolution due to their image scale. To make the image scale larger a special Tele-camera adapter is required that allows you to insert an eyepiece into the optical path between the camera and the telescope. This 'projects' a larger image onto the film effectively increasing the focal length of the system.
By spreading the available light out over a larger film area the exposure must become much longer and by increasing the system focal length small guiding errors are magnified along with the image.
Despite these problems, good mechanical systems and a lot of practice will allow you to take some very nice planetary photographs.

This sturdy camera adapter attaches to an SLR camera at one end and a telescope at the other, allowing either prime focus or eyepiece projection photography

The Adapter holds a 1.25" eyepiece in such a way as to place it between the telescope and the camera. It's adjustable in that it consists of two tubes, (one inside the other). This allows the user to change the distance from the back of the telescope to the film plane of the SLR camera, thus changing the effective magnification of the object observed in the telescope.
The longer this distance, the greater the magnification.

Dette adapter krever et T-ring adapter – selges separat.